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How to Switch out Accessories for Summer

Summer time is my favorite time of year. I love the long bright, sunny days. It is a great time to switch out accessories in your home for the season.

Are you ready to change the accessories in your home to give it that summertime feel?

Good. Let's talk about it.

Accessorize Your Kitchen and Dining Area

Your kitchen and dining area is a wonderful place to accessorize for the season. It can be

very simple to do. I always have beautiful flowers in the kitchen, but especially in the summer.

On my island I placed two placements together to make a faux runner, I love the way that the colors in the fabric repeat in the flower arrangement.

Here are the same placemats on my dining table. The colors are so pretty and summery. I love how they look with a simple white plate.

See how such a simple accessory can add so much life to a space?

I mixed store bought roses with hydrangeas from my garden. The colors of the flowers and the placemats together are so good!

Accessorize with Pillows

I was looking at Pottery Barn and found some great Summer accessory ideas.

Change your throw pillows for the summer season. I often start with this step because there is no accessory that I love more than pillows. I am obsessed with pillows.

In my opinion you can't have too many!

Try using lighter colors and textures. Fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk have a light summery feel.

Accessorize Your Bedroom

The bedroom is another place to change it up for summer.

It is obvious that you need to lighten up your bedding for the season. No one wants to be overheated at night, right? So use a light weight quilt, comforter or duvet.

Consider using lighter colors when accessorizing in these warm months. Use all white bedding, or white bedding with your favorite accent color. Florals are always pretty and the bedroom is a great space to add them for your seasonal summer decor.

So there you have it. A few quick ideas that you can use to switch out your accessories in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom for summer, and celebrate the beauty of the season in your home.

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